Map of New Zealand

Study Abroad Program

Auckland University of Technology

Auckland, New Zealand


  • You can take Business Courses taught in English

  • Courses transfer to your degree program at MU

  • You are registered at MU

  • You pay your normal MU tuition

  • AUT program offers spring, fall and summer courses


For information contact:


Alina M. Zapalska, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Division of Finance and Economics

Lewis College of Business

Marshall University

Huntington , West Virginia 25755

Office phone #: 304-696-3234

Office fax #: 304-696-3662


Also, visit the MU International Programs website

for information on other MU Study Abroad programs.

or contact


Dr. Clark Egnor

Executive Director

Marshall University

Center for International Programs
Old Main 320

One John Marshall Drive

Huntington , WV 25755
Tel: 304-696-6265

Fax: 304-696-6353



Transfer of Study Abroad Credits :

Once you have met with Professor Alina Zapalska to choose your study abroad program, you will need to meet with Lorraine Anderson in CH 114 to review the course(s) you plan to take.


Some study abroad courses will not count toward B&E degree requirements, or as upper-level business requirements for your major.  We are eager to help you select courses that will meet your specific degree requirements. 


It is imperative to meet with me and Lorraine Anderson well in advance of the time you will be registering for study abroad courses.  Evaluation of study abroad credits can take up to 2 weeks, so we encourage you to begin the process as early as possible.


To schedule your appointment with Professor Zapalska please stop by CH 334A or call (304) 696-3234 or email:  Lorraine Anderson can be reached at (304) 696-2611.