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"Chromatin Research"

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List of research peer-reviewed publications:

1. Vacuum UV Circular Dichroism and Molecular Modeling Yields a Structure for Changes in the Binding Region of Tat Complexed with HIV-1 RNA+. Loret, E.P., Georgel, P., Jonhson, W.C., Ho, P.S.  Proceeding National Academy of Science USA. Vol.89. pp 9734-9738 (1992).  

2. Binding of the RNA Polymerase I Transcription Complex to its Promoter Core Can Modify Positioning of Downstream Nucleosomes Assembled in Vitro. Georgel, P., Demeler, B., Terpening, C., Paule, M.P., van Holde, K.E.  Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol.268 (3). pp 1947-1954 (1993).  

3. Role of Histone Tails in Nucleosome Remodeling by Drosophila NURF. Georgel, P.T., Tsukiyama, T. and Wu, C. EMBO Journal Vol.16 (15).pp 4717-4726 (1997).  

4. ATP-dependent Remodeling of Chromatin. Wu, C., Tsukiyama, T., Gdula, D., Georgel, P., Martinez-Balbas, M., Mizuguchi, G., Ossipow, V., Sandaltzopoulos, R. and Wang, H-M. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology. Vol.LXIII. pp 525-534 (1998). 

5. Gadd45, a p53-responsive stress protein, modifies DNA accessibility on damaged chromatin. Carrier, F, Georgel, P.T., Pourquier, P., Blake, M., Udo Konty, H., Antinore Jr., M.J., Gariboldi, M., Myers, T.G., Weinstein, J., Pommier, Y. and Fornace Jr., A.J. Molecular and Cell Biology Vol.19 (3). pp 1673-1685 (1999). 

6. Sir3p-dependent assembly of chromatin suprastructure in vitro. Georgel, P.T, Debeer, M.A, Pietz, G., Fox, C.A and Hansen, J.C. P.N.A.S. USA Vol.98 (15). pp  8584-8589 (2001). 

7. Differential core histone binding behavior: RNA polymerase I promoter region vs. 5S rDNA positioning DNA sequences. Georgel P.T. and Robert, C.H. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics vol 37 (1). pp 1-13 (2002). 

8. Formation of higher order secondary and tertiary chromatin structures by genomic mouse mammary tumor virus promoters. Georgel, P.T, Fletcher, T., Hager, G. and Hansen, J.C. Genes and Development Vol. 17 (13). pp1617-29 (2003). 

9. Quantitative Characterization of Specific Genomic Promoters Using Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. Georgel, P.T. and Hansen, J.C. invited article for Biopolymers Vol 68. pp 557-562 (2003). 

10. Chromatin Compaction by Human MeCP2: Assembly of novel secondary chromatin structures in the absence of DNA methylation. Georgel, P.T, Horowitz, R.A., Woodcock, C.L., Adkins, N.A., Wade, P.A. and Hansen, J.C. Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 278 (34). pp 32181-32188 (2003). 

11. The sld mutation is specific for sublingual salivary mucous cells and disrupts apomucin gene expression. Fallon, M.A, Latchney, L.R., Hand, A.R., Denny, P.A., Georgel, P.T., Denny, P.C. and Culp, D.J. Physiological Genomics, Vol 14 (2). pp 95-106 (2003). 

12. Stability of nucleosomal arrays in solution. Georgel, P.T. and Hansen, J. C. (manuscript to be submitted to Biochemistry). 

13. Determinants of the chromatin remodeling effect induced by the GAGA transcription factor on Drosophila hsp70 gene. Georgel, P.T. (manuscript submitted to Biophysica and Biochemica Acta). 

14. RNA Polymerase I can transcribe, in Vitro, Through an Array of Positioned Nucleosomes. Georgel, P.T., Terpening, C., Paule, M.P., van Holde, K.E. (manuscript in preparation). 

15. Rapid biophysical analysis of macromolecular complexes using multiple loadings of Quantitative Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (QAGE). Georgel, P.T. (manuscript in preparation). 

16. Multiple roles for histone tails on MeCP2 activity. Adkins, N., Wade, P.A., Hansen, J.C and Georgel, P.T. Manuscript in preparation. 

17. Binding of Sir3 to DNA is linked to intrinsic DNA bendability. Adkins, N., Fox, C.A. and Georgel, P.T. Manuscript in preparation. 


1. "Pulling a Single Chromatin Fiber Reveals the Forces that maintain its Higher-Order Structure" Research by Y. Cui and C. Bustamante, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 2000, 97, 127. Condensation and commentary by P.T. Georgel. Chemtracts Vol. 13 (13). pp 26-30 (2000). 

2. Linker histone function in chromatin: dual mechanism of action. Georgel, P.T. and Hansen, J.C. Biochemistry and Cell Biology Vol. 79 (3). pp 313-316 (2001), Special Chromatin Issue. 

3. Chromatin structure of eukaryotic promoters: a changing perspective. Georgel, P.T. Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Vol. 80. pp 295-300 (2002). 

4. To the 30-nm Chromatin Fiber and Beyond. Adkins, N.A, Watts, M. and Georgel, P.T. invited review for Biophysica and Biochemica Acta (FASEB meeting Chromatin and Transcription special issue, 2003 in press). 

Book Chapters: 

1. Biophysical analysis of specific genomic loci assembled as chromatin in vivo. Philippe T. Georgel and Jeffrey C. Hansen. Methods in Enzymology. Vol. 376. pp 17-29 (2004).