Marriage: "I Love You"


I. "Love is a blind thing." Someone else replied, "Yes, but marriage is an eye opener."

A. We want to enter marriage with our eyes wide open.

II. We want to have good marriages.

A. Socrates: "By all means marry; if you get a good wife, twice blessed you will be; if you get a bad wife, you will become a philosopher."

III. Jesus is the foundation upon which marriage should be built.

A. And the basis of that marriage must be love.

1. Not social status, economic status, rebellion at home, loneliness, nor pregnancy.

IV. There are 4 kinds of love that must permeate our marriages.

A. Storge, Eros, Phileo, Agape.



A. Being a devoted spouse (My family is important to me).

1. Belonging (Gen 2:24).

2. Oneness (Gen 2:24).

3. Loyalty.

4. Trust.

5. Support (Eccl 4:9-12).

6. Familiarity.

B. Being a dedicated parent (Prov 22:6; 1 Tim 5:8; Prov 31:10ff).

C. Being a delightful partner (Genesis 26:8).


A. An exclusive love (I am physically attracted to you).

1. Private (Genesis 24:67).

2. Personal (Genesis 4:1).

3. Pure (Heb 13:4).

B. An expressive love (1 Cor 7:3-5).

C. An emotional love (Eph 5:22, 25).


A. Companionship (I like you).

1. Love of best friends (1 Samuel 18:1; John 16:27).

a. We spend time together.

b. We have fun together.

c. We share activities and interests.

d. We know and like each other.

e. We talk things over.

f. We confide in each other.

g. We call on each other for help.

h. We count on each other's loyalty.

B. Communication.

1. Converse not critique.

2. Promoters not provokers.

3. Positive not pessimist.

4. Agreeable not argumentative (Eph 4:25-32).

C. Cooperative (Acts 18:1-3, 26; 1 Peter 3:7).


A. Sacrificial love (I will be good to you).

1. Will (Jn 3:16).

2. Emotions (Mat 22:37-39).

3. Includes: Action, Involvement, Unconditional love, Permanent commitment, Consistency of behavior.

B. Selfless love (1 Cor 13:4-7).

1. Patient ........ Love suffers Long

2. Kind ........ Love is kind

3. Generous ........ Love does not envy

4. Humble ........ Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up

5. Courteous ........ Love does not behave rudely

6. Unselfish ........ Love does not seek its own

7. Guileless ........ Love thinks no evil

8. Sincere ........ Love rejoices in truth.

C. Saving love.

1. It saves marriages (Eph 5:25; Titus 2:4).

2. It saves souls (1 Pet 3:1-2).


I. There is no other relationship like marriage.

A.     Your spouse is your Closest Kin & Best Friend; the Receiver of your devotion and Lover of your life.

This sermon contains my thoughts and material researched from other sources.


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