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PARK 2 Overview

What is it?

PARK 2 or "Parkinson's disease (autosomal recessive, juvenile) 2, parkin" is one of the largest human genes and deals with the production of a very important protien called parkin.

What does it do?

The purpose of this protein is to find and mark damaged or excessive proteins for destruction. It works by attaching of ubiquitin to unwanted protein. Ubiquitin works as a marker for the protein to be moved to cellular structures called proteasomes. These structures then break down so they can no longer affect the body. This protein is vital in regulating protein levels in your body's cells.

Why so Important?

The alteration of the PARK 2 gene has been known for causing Parkinson's disease, cancer, as well as lower resistance to leprosy and most recently has been associated with Autism. Primarily I will be viewing the research showing that PARK 2 has an effect on the ever growing social disease of autism.

Relation tree of parkin

Relation map of parkin


Chromosome 6, yellow brackets indicate PARK2 gene

Structure of parkin

full map of chromosome 6