Welcome Enjoy your stay.

Who is this guy, you might ask?

Me? Well, for starter, I'm Kit. I'm 22. I like the suttle things in life. I'm always happy. I believe in myself, and everyone else. Sometimes I have imaginary friends, Sometimes I like to play with my food. I'm a Big Kid, but I don't wear pull-ups no more. I like Big-Beat Music, and bright colors. I used to be a bad kid, but I've made it through that phase, and I play nice. Life is boring. I'm joinin' the Nay-V (Sometime). I like a guy, Alot. (Which is rare for me) And I Like my friends. They treat me well. Questions yet? You should!

A bit of exposition for the curious: I was a god, and am, and will likely continue to be. Below and behind, there's a bit of something else, but really, I needn't worry you with that. As for my present existance, you may consider me a journeyman, exsanguinator and freelance occultist, interested in all manner of things I haven't the attention span to pursue, and a professional Putter of Things in the Places They Belong. I'm a boi (60/40) and I like Cherries. I've done so much shit i'm proud of, and a whole lot more shit that i'm not, but doesent everybody.