What's happening, Where am I going?
I sit in the silence of my cell, My mind. Chaos all around me, yet here in my mind it is so quiet it hurts me.
My eardrums throb and shake, begging for a sound worth hearing, something signifigant.
I need sweet comfort that can only be found in human voice.
All i have heard for so long is Hatred.
Voices like playing childre, filled with Evil, Decit, and manipulative tones.
My sadness bubbles up, then recedes as fast as it appeared.
Confusion is the only thing present to constantly keep me company.
Confusion and agitation float like oil on water in my mind. Slowly driving me mad.
Where will this raod end? Where will it take me?
What is happening to me, why this madness?
Perhaps I do not want to know, perhaps the answer is just as Hellish as the indecision,the dark, uninformed abyss I float in this mineutte.
I watched the Sun rise this morning, seeing it cast its healing light onto the birds,as they sang in the trees and showered in the morning breeze.
This sight, this Vision , moved me indescribably.
I was filled with peace, a peace that I wishedto soothe my very soul.
But it can't. It won't.
I still ache, I still feel dark & black, sick & lonely, hopeless & mournful, dead & lifeless.

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