I have to Admit that I am weak
The hand life dealt me is not so bright
From these problems I cannot take flight
A sudden refuge I do seek
People fall everyday into the misconception
Seeing that every way is still the wrong direction
Into the stars is where I go,
When I feel the answer is No.
When I feel I am to small,
when I feel there is no light ending the Hall.
I try so hard, yet always fall short.
No attention is paid, Not for my concern.
So I take flight through the Sky.
Away from this world, So I won't get burned.
The fire down there, more than I can bear.
The stars once again come into my reach
My mouth is dry, Fuzzy like a peach.
Eyes roll back into my head,
One more pill, I might be dead.
I'm happy now, high among the stars.
i wave goodbye to my tears, my skars,
Far out here, Among the blurry Stars.

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