Please be Advised:

The following is a collection of journal entries, or poems are from a Period in my life that was very dark. I was severely depressed. I was In therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, and a counselor. I was hospitalized, tested and tormented. This period in my life was when I was 17-18 years old, usually a very happy time in one's life, yet for me it was something contrary.

Please do not think this is my mindset now. I am very much a different person, however when i stumbled upon my old Purple Notebook, and blew the dust from the cover, i was happy to revisit this era in my life. It speaks of the demons that tormented me, the powers who crushed me, and the little boy who could not stand up under all the pressure of his own coming of age.

Please visit again, for adding these does take time, and I wish i could show you some of the original text which includes art and text depictions that make it ever more emotional.



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