Confusion, pulling me every whitch way,
Anger throws flowers in my face, and the Sky refuses to part for my ego to be comfortable.
How will I stand this? How will i hold my body up through the drive?
Chewing on my lips, Clawing the bedspread.
Run... Run.... Run...
Spitting product of my own Unknown faters loins, poison the mothers milk, make the children cry with infection.
Bleeding out of my eyes, striking out at thin air, Scratching at my chest.
Desiring to know if the Heart inside me is still beating,
or if there is a heart inside me at all.
You think I'm crazy? I'm pushed and Pinched,
Shoved into a narrow box and labeled.
I'm fucking NUTS, and this plae has made me this way.
I was normal before i came here, they took my reality,
Put it into a blender and liquified all my mental assets.
They make others like me pumping us out liek they were a factory.
And I guess, In a way, They are.

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