Another Day

Today seems like nothing, an endless, tasteless abyss.
Holding in front of me an empty bowl, asking me to partake, please nourish myself in this black nothing.
I look for someone, but noone is there.
I scream outloud, but no noise reaches my aching ears.
This is a dream, Has my imagination taken over my senses?I am in disbelief, My feeble mind cannot fathom this, yet it is all I have wished for these many long years.
I begin to panic, this is not happening.
I should feel comforted but i feel more insecure, forever.
The blankness in my eyes is like... like... well Nothing. i try to describe nothingness, yet no mortal word that has ever been uttered will fill it's void.
It is ______________________. Or, It is Not.

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