All Red Letters

I am drownding in my own Tears.
I Stumble Wearily through the lur of days while dreading Nights.
I am captive of my Nightmares, and the Darkness.
Dusk is the daily reminder that the Nightmare is alive and well.
There is NO escape for me.
There si no Balm for my wounds because they are so deep.
I am crying and my search for safety is fruitless.
Everywhere I look I see another Demon.
They are Thrashing.
I can't find sunshine, no carefree abandon.
Your smile was my hope, I can't find a way to live now.
I am but 18 but feel the BURDEN of someone 100.
My Soul is old.
I scurry about frantically because the alternative is so tempting. I feel the indulgance of staying in bed, My Cacoon.
In the dream, I plead to be set free.
Rather my captors eyes dance, their smiles embrace me.
I HATE, yet I love you so.
the words "You're Sick" Echo every time I ask.
I can physically feel their touch, Smell their smell, hear their words.
They are real, You are Real.
I rise Early to walk off hte demons.
Instead of Peace, I have Cried many Miles through.
I am so tired and this Journey is endless.
I try to no avail.
An Abyss below me, I hang by a waery thread.
I am curious, so I peer over the edge, breathing is a challange.
My anguish breaks out, I ahve a rock in my throat.
I WHEEZE, being still offers no comfort.
I feel awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin.
I am a snail without a shell.
NOWHERE to retreat into the safety of comfort.

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