Fuck Them

I'm so tired of being down, bieng held back.
I feel like a hampster running on my little wheel, expending all my energy, going nowehre.
I'm sick and tired of the fight, the battle, of kicking and screaming at everly last turn.
But they won't stop provoking me.
They won't stop teasing me with freedom and love, because they like ot see me fail.
they like to see me fall apart and cry, because they know i can't win.
I will never be able to defeat them, because they are too strong.
They humiliate me and break me down at every last turn, making me puke and hurt.
But they dont understand that I can escape them.
Nothing can stop me now, because i dont care any more.
They dehumanize me because they want to see me squirm.
They want to see me cry. FUCKING BASTARDS!
I'd kill them all if I Could.

Fuck Them!

They'll see how much better things can get.

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