Fuck this world, FUCK this place
I wish these people would get out of my FUCKING face.
People turnon you in an instant.
Anything for their sustanance.
FUCK them, FUCK them all.
God I can't stand this place.
Crawling in my skin, I'm going ot rip it off.
Make it bleed.
Tear this wall of tears that Surrounds me.
I'm sick of the ripples.
The good waves, and then harsh reality falls.
FUCK their beliefs.
They all think they are better then me.
They keep saying there is something wrong with me.
I can't find any relief from this FUCKING world.
Sick of their words, they are blind.
Their worlds fall like arrows into my soul.
They eat me, eat my flesh, my being.
I begin to burn, their hate for me
Feuls the perpetual fire that devours my being.
Let them learn, they know abesolutely nothing.
Kansas? Is that relief?
What should i do; stay in a throne of shit,
Or swim in the water of the unknown?
Torn between stupitity or hatred,
I choose to stay alone, stay myself, but that's nearly impossible.
I owe you nothing, FUCKING nothing.
The voulume is to much to bear, to much to deal with.
Stop screaming at me, I can't do what you want me to do.
I am depleted, Empty.
I have nothing to give, my reserve is gone.
I'm dying, It inches closer every day.
The seconds are ticking away.

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